White paper about the global need of knowing more about corrosion

Take a few minutes of your day and read this white paper about corrosion - not only corrosion on aluminum.

Extract from the foreword of the white paper.

The science of corrosion prevention and control is highly complex, exacerbated by the fact that corrosion takes many different forms and is affected by numerous outside factors. Corrosion professionals must understand the effects of environmental conditions such as soil resistivity, humidity, and exposure to salt water on various types of materials; the type of product to be processed, handled, or transported; required lifetime of the structure or component; proximity to corrosion-causing phenomena such as stray current from rail systems; appropriate mitigation methods; and other considerations before determining the specific corrosion problem and specifying an effective solution.

One of the figures shows severe pitting corrosion on aluminum and how temperature and aluminum alloy influence on the corrosion attack.
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