Well thanks a lot Marvell !

Marvell WA-T2.

I hate that little make and model number above because I've been googling my brains out trying to find a windows 7 64 bit driver for that archaic wireless card for ages. It is not supported so I've had to buy a new one which will be with me tomorrow.

As it happens, the Windows 7 platform is fantastic and I really like it. sure I've got to re-install Powerdirector and everything else, especially if I want to upload a video any time soon, but it's a nice OS and the Chess Titans game is a welcome addition to my PC ! I do enjoy a nice game of chess.

What isn't nice is being without a home internet connection on the day that Scott (SMA) announces the contest results !! I Will be browsing via my mobile phone tonight to see what the outcome is.

In the meantime I have started a new modelling project which will be receiving 100% of my effort. More on that soon.