Waiting To See What Happens

It’s the end of the month and I truly expect some big acquisition news to break… but then again I have felt that way for a while, so we’ll see if my senses are accurate or not.  Some times deals are there; they look perfect on the surface yet they fall apart.  I had heard last summer about a pretty major deal, things were moving fast, the buyer had a team working “around the clock” on it and so on.  In the end though for a variety of reasons nothing happened- no deal.  But this time I think we’ll see some action- whether its this week or sometime in the next month as I see at least 3 deals close to the finish line.  I will say the whole angle with researching things like this was a ton easier in 2007-2008 when I broke a few of them on here… those were more simple times for this sort of stuff for sure!


--  The past AAMA event looked like it had some excellent content.  One of the recaps I read included the discussion of LCA and EPD’s.  That is an area where we as an industry still don’t have a great grasp of it- the energy committee at GANA has done an admirable job of pushing the importance of it.  Efforts like those (from people like Mark Silverberg, and Helen Sanders) and also having it in an event like AAMA’s surely helps.  In my opinion, cost and time to achieve this information is surely a scary proposition for many at this point, but it sure looks like demand for these assessments is not going away.

--  For my friends in Southern California… any insight on “Measure S?”  According to this articleit will hurt commercial building and development.  But I am curious from the folks on the ground and doing business every day out there what your thoughts are.  And or course with any ballot measure there’s usually as my brother Steve would say  “3 sides to the story” with each side taking a point and the truth laying somewhere in the middle.

--  If you ever watched the excellent documentary “The Two Escobars” or more recently the Netflix series “Narcos” than you are familiar with Pablo Escobar.  But are you aware that his son is actually a very respected architect?  He credits the profession for saving his life.   Good interview with him here.

--  The latest Architectural Billings Index is out and it starts 2017 in negative territory with a score of 49.5.  (Slightly below the break even of 50.)  However the new project score was a smoking 60 up from 57.6 last month.  Overall the positive vibes continue and the analysts who monitor this still feel pretty good.  If there is a worry its “real time” conditions are a bit soft right now but that is the adventure of the start of the year where weather, budgets, and holiday hangovers wreak havoc with schedules.

--  Last this week- glazier certification is back in the discussion.  AMS- the group that the industry uses for IGCC, SGCC, NACC certification and more held a summit in Las Vegas with the Finishing Trade Institute to begin dialogue on individual glazier certification.  There’s a lot of passion for this process from many different areas of our world and it finally getting some movement is exciting.  But there’s no question this is in its infancy and there is a long road to go.


I’ve had to use this foam before- crazy to get it confused with hair mousse.  Then again I haven’t had hair for a long long time….

This made me think of BEC’s Keynote Speaker Mark Eaton.  Tall guy with a creative approach.

How to sell 26,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies?  Networking and honest reviews. (And some people with lots of cash obviously....)


Drones are all the rage these days but there’s a group of Tigers that surely do not like them!