Very Positive Post

The Architectural Billings Index did bounce back in May after a very bad April, which for many observers is a major positive.  Add that with a very positive business attitude right now (most people are saying they are very busy and doing well) and you have a nice little moment happening.  Hopefully it lasts for a very long while.  I know we are not close to the “good ole days” but we are surely in a better place than we have been.  Let’s keep it going!


--  As you may have heard by now the big ASHRAE meeting happened last week and after more than 70 letters from the industry and interested observers the task committee decided to delay any actions.  So they will take this all in and really should, given all of the consensus at play here, make the right call to not go forward with their plans to limit the use of glass.  The industry came through this time, which is quite exciting to say the least.  Hopefully now there is nothing that gets in the way of the right call being made by this committee.

--  Congrats to Oldcastle Building Envelope, they recently picked up an award for their advertising of their BIM product.  It was a great campaign and they deserved it.  I have picked on Oldcastle in the past, but I have also been complimentary when applicable and this is surely the case.

--  The first session of the Glass Management Institute was held last Tuesday.  I was honored to teach it and be the guinea pig for any glitches and issues.  I hope the class I taught enjoyed and now I look forward to the line up of folks coming up, led by Mike Lemen of Therm-View in a few weeks.  Good stuff ahead!  Sign up if you haven’t done so yet, subjects like the Affordable Care Act and Business Optimization are among the sessions that will really be must attends.

--  For those of you who run or exercise with music… great song to add to your playlist… “We Own It” by 2Chainz and Wiz Khalifa.  It’s from the latest Fast and Furious movie and it’s a great piece.

--  Yes in the same blog I just noted that business is good, the industry has consensus, complimented Oldcastle and recommended a tune by a guy named “2Chainz”.  I am guessing the world will be ending tomorrow for sure.  Ha Ha.

--  I am starting to get excited for the Glazing Executives Forum at GlassBuild America.  The State of the Industry panel is coming together and I will tell you this, it is going to be a blockbuster.  Really strong leaders speaking on the subjects that affect this world every day from all-different walks of our industry life.  More info coming soon, but needless to say, you will want to be there for this session!

--  Slow week ahead with holidays in Canada and US.  But something tells me some major news will be breaking soon… no proof, just an instinct I have.  Happy Holidays to everyone reading, stay safe and have fun!!


Stranded and surviving an adventure in Canada…

I always chuckle when schools misspell things.  This one is really bad.

Nice move by Delta Airlines- but what I liked is they had no desire to promote that they did it.  The customer is the one that made sure everyone knew. 


New movie coming out in the fall… Marty Scorsese and Leo DiCaprio team up for the 5th time in “The Wolf of Wall Street”- based on a true story, trailer looks good.