The GIGANTIC GlassBuild Preview- from my perspective

We’ve basically reached that time; we’re now one week out from the biggest event in our industry and on this special GlassBuild edition of the blog I wanted to first touch on a few things I have NOT hit on previously.  The Glazing Executive Forum, backed once again this year by industry heavy hitters YKK, Guardian, SAPA, Pilkington, Dow Corning, and FMI will be solid.  Kicking off with very strong panel featuring Mic Patterson of Enclos, Jay Phillips of Guardian, and Oliver Stepe of YKK concluding with the industries favorite economist Dr. Jeffrey Dietrich, and timely and needed break out sessions in the middle, it’s an extremely interesting agenda.  Check it out here.
Meanwhile GlassBuild will also be home to a very important session being hosted by the Department of Energy.  Yes the DOE will be on site with a forum being led by Dr. Karma Sawyer. (I am huge fan of her personally, check my archives) Participants in this event will be able to provide feedback direct to the DOE Building Technologies Office on their needs over the next 3 to 5 years, and to provide input about the facilities that will be critical to moving their energy efficient products to widespread application in residential and commercial markets, in new construction, replacement and retrofit.  More simply said, it’s an awesome opportunity to reach people in our world that can make a difference.  So while there are the typical opportunities to come to the show and do business, there are also these other events that make the overall show even more monumental.


--  Oh and I’m hearing that the folks from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain will have something really memorable in their booth this year.  So go download the GlassBuild App, and make a note of their location. 

--  Speaking of the App, it really makes the show experience more complete.  Three ways to get it... either search for GlassBuild 2014 in the iTune App store/Google Marketplace.   Or click here and follow the links/codes. Or if you like to wait til the last minute... when you get to the show, they’ll be QR codes on signage everywhere that you can scan and the app will load from there.  If you are going you have to have this on your phone.

--  Otherwise I’ve previously hit on all of the other cool things with GlassBuild this year… the Express Learning, FREE 20 minute sessions on the floor… the demonstrations, the innovation (some amazing products that should not be missed) and the ability of just being with thousands of people covering every bit of our industry is pretty cool.

--  You may wonder why my passion for the show.  While I do work for this show (so for some that’s the obvious reason), I also am an industry guy and believe (and learned over the years) that a strong industry benefits from the success of a major event like this.   The education, the business possibilities, and the innovation on display are crucial for this industry to evolve, grow, and be healthy.  So yes, I am full-throated promoter of the show, but with serious beliefs of the incredible value it brings.

--  As always I will be working the floor, shooting video, interviewing people, and networking.  I’ll be wearing my bright yellow media vest, please stop me and say hi.

--  I won’t have a formal blog next week since we’ll be in the middle of show coverage, but the week after I’ll be back here with my traditional Who’s Who of the show.  For those of you new readers, that’s where I call out people I got to meet, see, and chat with and looks at the best products and exhibits at the show.

See you at the show!!!


--  Just a brilliant sign.  Wow.

--  The at home IV. I actually like this idea… could use it after the tough week at the show.

--  The mind-blowing list of banned and recalled toys.  Just crazy.


Since this is a GlassBuild focused blog, the video of the week is look at the show for this year… Can’t wait!