Review of the Aluminium Surface Science and Technology Symposium in Denmark, May 2018

By the end of May 146 people from more than 20 countries from all over the World were gathered to the 8th Aluminium Surface Science & Technology Symposium in Denmark –
Since its first edition in 1997, the mission of the symposium has been maintained intact: to create a high-level international platform where science meets the industry. To do so, the symposium offers a very nice environment for a mixture of academics, PhD students and industrial colleagues.
The venue this year was set at the beautiful coast of northern Sealand – Elsinore in Denmark at Hotel Marienlyst.
The 8th Aluminium Surface Science and Technology Symposium follows the previous years’ symposium at 2015 (Madeira, Portugal), 2012 (Sorrento, Italy), 2009 (Leiden, The Netherlands), 2006 (Beaune, France), 2003 (Bonn, Germany), 2000 (Manchester, U.K.), 1997 (Antwerp, Belgium).
The Symposium series has been a unique and key event on aluminium surface science and technology bringing together industries, universities, and research institutions involved with aluminium.
Today the ASST symposium has become a common platform and net-work for aluminium surface science and technology in Europe and the rest of the world. This time gathering aluminium surface science people from countries like Germany, France, Japan, England, Alger, China, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Korea, Australia, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, US, Chile and Poland.
The goal of the Symposium is to offer the participants a high-level meeting with attractive presentations and an interesting social program.

This year the program offered scientific topics, such as:
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Joining methods
  • Chemical conversion coatings
  • Electrolytic conversion coatings
  • Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation
  • Other Surface Treatments for aluminium
  • Inorganic and organic coatings for aluminium
  • Structure-Property correlations
  • Aluminium science, Technology, and characterization methods
  • Lithography techniques and Etching
  • Corrosion properties and performance
  • Thermo-Mechanical Processing
  • Multi-materials design and performance
  • Environmental free aluminium surface treatments
  • Architectural design and performance
  • Modelling of aluminium microstructure and corrosion

You can read the whole summary when the August number of Light Metal Age are on the street, or check back to see the upcoming posts regarding some of the presentations.

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