Nuggets from the past week

This week I am going to a quick hits version of my blog.  There are a lot of subjects to cover quickly without one main story.  So here goes…

--  Have you seen the design for he new arena being planned forLas Vegas?  The MGM Sphere is the project and it looks like something from a futuristic video game… and I wonder how closely they are working with the glass world on the design because this thing is interesting.

--  The Architectural Billings Index keeps trucking along with its 7th straight positive month and up a point from March.  The overall metrics continue to be trending up but the ABI noted this time that inflation is becoming a concern and the potential/current tariffs would only add pressure to that.   Obviously that is an area to monitor.

--  It is the start of hurricane season next week, but this week we already had some major tropical disturbances.  This has the make up of a very scary year ahead.  Let’s hope for the best here.

A few items from last week to complete…

--  In the May edition of Glass Magazine I forgot to mention the business card feature on the back page.  I think no matter how mobile and online we get, the good ole business card will survive.  But as the story showed, to stand out you need to come with some different looks & styles.  Kudos to those mentioned.

--  I wrote on Regenerative Design and I noted that this was intense subject matter that was beyond me.  So I was genuinely thrilled and honored that Mic Patterson reached out and wrote to me on it.  Mic is incredible and his insights and knowledge along with his desire to educate our world is truly something to cherish.  He explained to me that sustainable and regenerative are complimentary of each other and round each other out.  So basically I tool it as the building world just adding more mud to the waters with a different definition for the same/similar approach.  This line from his e-mail did for me:

All it does is confuse people and move us further from the vital benefit of converging on a shared understanding of what sustainability really is.

And that nails it for me… But I will tell you there is so much to learn and then so much to teach our other stakeholders out there in trying to truly do right by our environment.  Thank you Mic for the insight!

--  I also mentioned my new interview series- “The Big 3” where I am asking 3 questions to different folks in our world.  I have picked out 11 people so far to get me through the summer.  I am pretty pumped.  Again some of the folks you will easily know, others are not in the spotlight or industry news as often.  And my first interview I thought I knew really well but his answers really surprised me.  I am so excited to get this going with the debut next week.

--  Last this week… Architectural Binders…. Are they now finally a thing of the past?  For years I would get into heavy debates with the architectural salespeople at my companies/clients on the need for the big binder. And for years I would hear they are still needed, still valuable.  But lately I am hearing that need of the past is finally going away… so curious if those of you architectural salespeople are seeing it that way or are we still passing those big binders out?  E-mail me and let me know.


A pig following you home from the station… for real….

You probably saw this one… the 30 year old being sued by his parents to get out of their house. 

AI and facial recognition technology is unreal!


This went from a beetle to something huge really fast- I am glad it is on video and not anywhere near me.