Now on the Radar

A couple of very important stories not getting enough coverage are now hitting my radar.  They are the shortage of aluminum and CAL GWP measures in California.  I will cover CAL GWP next week as I am still learning more about it and I want to get feedback from the presentation at the NGA-GANA Annual Conference that covered it.  As for the aluminum situation, that one is real, very real.  This release from the AEC explains it in more detail… Bottom line is this thing is real and it is scary.  The shortage is already starting to affect the aluminum folks who manufacture storefront and curtain wall and obviously will trickle down to the installer community as well as this proceeds.  It certainly bears watching and as I get more information, I’ll surely pass it on.


--  It truly is now award season in the glass industry.  I mentioned a couple last week but the big one to get your nominations in on is the annual Glass Magazine awards. 
These honors are the best in the industry and I love the mix of categories for this year.  Innovation takes the lead role, as it should, in what the judges will be reviewing.  So I advise all of you to click the link and see what you have in your world that may fit.  And remember you can’t win if you don’t apply!

--  Time for the monthly Glass Magazine review… Interior glass focus this issue…Nice cover hot with material from CR Laurence.  Inside the Glass and Metals 301 guide to interiors was excellent.  Once again that approach provides such a tremendous resource.   I also really liked the approach Joe Bazzano took in his column on the tax cuts and jobs bill- again same theme of excellent resource.  Last and most important the coverage of the merge of GANA and NGA is well defined in an excellent piece by Bethany Stough.  This section that included some great pictures and timelines, clearly lays out what is going on in our world with such a monumental move.

--  Ad of the month…. Yet another challenging one to choose… but after going cover to cover several times to break down the candidates, I just couldn’t deliver a clear cut winner this month.  There were a lot of solid pieces but none to stand out… So I’ll save this choice and use it for a month when I want to name 2 winners…

--  AIA show is coming up in June and they are promoting it pretty extensively.  Recently they sent an e-mail blast out of the “Top 6” reasons to attend the show… #3 was “tour iconic architecture” which for sure in NYC is going to be good and AIA noted more 200 tours would be available.  So that said I can only imagine the effect that will have on a show floor that already struggles to get architects to the exhibits…

--  Great blog last week by Pete de Gorter.  If you did not see it- please check it out…

--  Last this week… One of my favorite subjects over the years has been the volatility of gas prices.  Well we are on the upswing again with the prices gaining on pretty much a daily basis.  Not good, personally or professionally with summer driving season and the busy summer deliveries for fabricators and glaziers.  Maybe we were spoiled by a few solid years of lower prices… but all I know is I am feeling the pain at the pump and its getting worse.


--  Can’t get service?  Grab the PA system!

--  I love Amazon- but no way do I want them delivering to mycar.  So odd.

--  I do love these stories of texts that end up working out. 


So I saw the Avengers-Infinity War and it was solid- it was probably the best of the Marvel releases to date since the original Iron Man.  Anyway speaking of those characters… this video from the Jimmy Fallon show was brilliant… a take off of the Brady Bunch… loved it