New products from Vallejo

I got a package from Vallejo the other day containing some exciting new stuff ! Their new range of primers is out and I must say - it looks great. I don't have any pics yet as I haven't even opened the bottles, but basically it's a surface primer that comes pre-coloured in a good range of basic WWII shades i.e Olive drab, Dunkelgelb etc.

I don't know about you but priming then basecoating takes a while for me, and you have to make sure you've covered up all the primer behind suspension units etc. With this stuff, you shoot it once and you're ready to get busy with your afters - varnish coats, modulation, camouflage, filters - whatever you want. If it finishes like their grey primer then it will go on smoothly. I will post up some results soon but this stuff has landed just in time for the new videos which is great.

Now I just need to drag my backside to the bench and GET BUSY !