Lots of Light but with Dark Frames

I’m a big trend guy and one that I have been following closely is the interior office space.  A lot has been covered with regards to the increase in glass usage but I’ve been surprised by the framing choices.  Dark is in.  So black, dark bronze or even a custom coated choice that trends darker are starting to pick up more attention vs. the traditional mill/satin look.  In Europe the darker look has been the play for a while, but its interesting to see that its now hit North America.  In the end I don’t really care what color the framing is as long as glass is being used.  We have a great building product that is surely not just for the exterior of the office building anymore.


--  Building off last weeks note on the Silica Rule, OSHA did put out a new memo on the process but it’s still not that simple, streamlined piece we need for the industry.  I am still gathering info and if you or your company are doing anything with regards to this please considering sharing with me so not only I can learn but I can share with the readers too.

--  Have you seen the NGA-GANA FAQ’s?  They give some excellent insight into the process.  This is such an important move for the industry- I am just excited to see it continue on the right path!

--  Time for this months Glass Magazine review… I loved the look, layout and copy with the GlassBuild review.  It captured so much of the flavor of the event.  Glass Magazine has been very active with articles on the workforce and this issue has a dandy on workforce development that featured a ton of best practices examples.  This sort of content is so incredibly valuable if you are running a business.  Add in the rest of the issue that had insights on codes, unitized and technology (among other articles) and this was a fabulous issue for insight and education!

--  The ad of the month I will hit on next weeks post.

--  Last week I noted the Amazon HQ2 competition.  Well 238 cities applied for it and now the predictions are starting to fly on which city may win… Moody’s came out with their top 10… and since I love lists… here’s who they think with some comments from me:

1. Austin, TX  - Hot city, everyone seemingly loves Austin these days that’s for sure.
2. Atlanta, GA- They have the space but that bad traffic will now get even worse.
3. Philadelphia, PA- This is surprising to me, it won’t be cheap or easy to be here with the size that Amazon wants- but great location in the east.
4. Rochester, NY – I know a manufacturers rep who would have a field day with this
5. Pittsburgh, PA – My old hometown has grown like crazy since I left- and now in the running for this?  I must’ve been the one holding the Steel City back.
6. New York City, NY- I will be stunned if this happens
7. Miami, FL- And stunned here as well- great weather but a nightmare to ship from
8. Portland, OR- Why?  HQ1 is in Seattle, why would they come down the road for HQ2?
9. Boston, MA – Great location and food but similar to my thoughts on NY- would be a stunner.
10. Salt Lake City, UT- Great place but seemingly too far west if you want to spread out HQ’s.

My prediction?  I think it’s going to be Dallas with Atlanta a major possibility.  We will see…. And we’ll also see how this new HQ affects all of the other businesses in that area that utilizes the same workforce.


This was an incredible story- women lost at sea for 5 months!!!  Hopefully it gets some play in the news, but knowing our media it won’t.

This is the worst idea ever. Ever.


I found these top 10 fails on Wheel of Fortune quite humorous.  But I know if I ever went on this show I’d probably miss major easy ones too!