Is This New Technology Real?

I pride myself in always trying to learn something new each day.  The internet surely helps with that as do friends and colleagues sending me notes and info to review.  So when I ran upon a story talking about “Perovskite cells” and improved glass performance I immediately jumped in.  Evidently these are similar to photovoltaic cells that can harvest the suns energy and turn it into electricity- but more efficiently and effectively.  I have always been a proponent of doing all we can to maximize our space on the building to make glass more useful and intelligent so this appears to be another source.  However like the past solar products this looks like its not exactly main stream yet. Anyway, for my solar friends out there, if you have some insight on these cells and technology please drop me a note, I’d love to learn more and also share here.


--  Once again the latest edition of Glass Magazine was outstanding.  Excellent article on trends in transport (crucial these days) as well as a good read on engaging the millennial workforce.  Whole issue was super though.  Check it out!

--  My ad of the month in that issue was a tough call.  Former winners like GGI and CRL came through again, but I like to notice folks here who have not gotten the credit yet.  So with that in mind, this month the honor goes to Ergo Robotic Solutions.  Jerry Nudi and company had what I feel was an eye catching ad with a good memorable message. 

--  Since it was a very slow week in the glass and glazing world, this is the perfect time as promised previously to unveil my top 5 airports.  I know several industry road warriors read this blog and so I’m curious if I hit all the right notes here.  What I considered was ease of getting around, food and bathroom options, places to sit and charge equipment, and just overall feel.  I did not include security process because that can be a day-to-day adventure anymore.  Also this is only airports I have visited.  So someday when I get to visit the living legend Lyle Shimazu and fly into Honolulu International that could change things. So here goes…

#5- Boston-Logan- Yes maybe I am crazy with this one but I always had good experiences and think highly of this place.  Once I leave the airport and hit the roads and traffic, that’s another story…

#4- Madison, WI- There’s a lot of smaller airports that people seem to love.  Madison though is the best of that bunch.  Clean, bright, easy to get around, comfortable and creative seating. 

#3- Seattle. WA- This one probably depends on what terminal you fly out of.  The A/B sides are nice, with everything you can imagine and an amazing view through an incredible curtain wall.  The S terminal leaves you wanting.  But in the end the layout is simple and comfortable, plus the view is worth it.

#2- Detroit, MI- Sure it’s a homer pick.  I’m there as much as I am at my house some times, but as airports go this place is strong.  Easy layout.  Clean.  Tons of food choices including the always awesome Chick-fil-A.  Tons of seating and charging stations.

#1- San Diego, CA- Excellent layout, many food choices, clean and bright.  Nice people too.  Plus when you go there you are pumped that you are going to one of the nicer places in this world, and when you leave you are usually relaxed. 

Just missing the list- Charlottesville, VA (tiny airport but an outside deck to watch planes come and go is very cool) and Cincinnati, OH.

--  Last this week it is Super Bowl time and despite my absolute dislike for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell I will watch the game.  Though at this point I enjoy the commercials more than the game.  I really wanted New England to win it so Goodell would have to hand the trophy to Tom Brady but that did not work out.  So who wins the big game?   I’m going with Carolina, so get ready Denver fans, a title is coming your way!


--  After the big snow this person shoveled a maze for their dogs.  I can honestly say I do the same for mine.  This one is really good though.

--  Smart legislation… This is so logical you know it won’t pass.  On another note our political system is so broken… it’s a downright shame.

--  The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 30 years ago this past week.  One of the engineers that tried to stop the launch is still obviously haunted by it. 


Well the highlight of a major snow was the annual appearance of the NYC snowboarder.  Gotta have some skill to not get killed out there.  Also proves you can put almost any video to Sinatra singing “New York” and it will be awesome.