Industry MVP- The Runners Up

So it’s time for our annual look at who is the most valuable player (MVP) in the glass and glazing industry for 2014.  There are quite a few great candidates but they’ll be only one winner.  I have selected the winner and that announcement comes next week… but I did want to run down who were the other candidates in contention. I do this mostly because I do believe in shining the spotlight on those extremely deserving people.  They deserve it.  So here goes, the runners up for the “2014 From the Fabricator Glass and Glazing MVP.”

John Wheaton- Wheaton and Sprague- Whether you do work with him, follow him on twitter or hear him speak, the passion and care that John brings is incredible.  Great interest in the industry and its future.  This is a guy who is always promoting awesome projects and work in the field, even if he didn’t have anything to do with it. Unselfish and classy to the core. 

Rick Wright- Oldcastle BE Similar to John Wheaton when it comes to passion for the industry.  Can sometimes be on the other side of popular opinion on issues but always has a reason and solid logic.  Cares for how we (the industry) are presented in public and is extremely active in the trade organization world.

Tom O’Malley- Tom’s on this list because he went out on his own this year, seemingly 10 minutes after the recession lifted and built a business- Clover Architectural Products.  So basically this is a guy who could’ve done anything, anywhere but yet stuck his neck out big time.  Folks, that’s serious confidence in our industry (and himself) Plus he’s always on the edge of innovation and bringing new and positive items to our world. 

Bernard Lax- Pulp Studio- When I think of Bernard, I think of this famous quote… “Speak softly and carry a big stick…” basically while Bernard is not front and center at trade meetings in such, when he does express his thoughts they carry a ton of weight.  He is not afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to health of the industry and the safety of our stakeholders.  I probably get to talk to him once or twice a year but those conversations always have meaning and value.  Plus he has an insanely creative mind, which is also a plus.

Now of course there are many others that would be up for this that I have noted in previous editions and awards like Julie Schimmelpennigh, Valerie Block, Chris Dolan, Kris Vockler and so on… but I wanted this list to be of people I had not nominated and noted in depth before.  In the end none of these folks won… the winner comes next week!


--  For those of you who only read my blog when its reposted on and published in e-Glass Weekly, I did post last week on my original site, so if you want more insight on the latest deal talks, green stats and some cool links, please check it out.

--  Curious have you ever flipped through your contacts on your phone and asked “who is that?”  I had to look through it the other day and saw names that I seriously have no clue who they are…

--  So which states had the biggest year over year gains (October) in construction employment?  The winner may surprise you as it did me…  the top 5…
5- Utah
4- Illinois
3- California
2- Texas
1- Florida
Yes.. the Sunshine State led the way and I do find that surprising for sure.  Could be a signal that the slow to recover market there is starting to perk back up.

--  Last this week… its December which will seemingly go very quick, and while that’s good from a personal standpoint, from a business view these last two months are tough ones.  After the 18 work day November, the holiday season may not have as much cheer with such little time to get work done!


--  The differences of being on Facebook when you are in your 20’s vs your 30’s.  Not sure how accurate this is as I am barely on FB (for work really) and I am looong past my 30’s…

--  Why in the world do people in LA not want you to see the Hollywood sign?

--  Just echoing the sentiments of the person who sent me this link… can you imagine an American athlete going to jail for an action on the field of play?


Well it is out.. the first official trailer of the next Star Wars movie to debut late next year…if you have not seen it, here it is here… as of this posting its been viewed more than 18 million times in just 2 days.  Wow.