Goodbye and Hello

Okay. So, I'm shifting my blogging energy over to a brand new site. It's pretty.

It's called The Mormon Home and it's exclusively by me for now. I'm trying to keep a fairly tight focus (Mormonism and the Home) so I don't plan to post about my personal life as much. You may have noticed that I'm fairly active on Instagram these days: my favorite subjects are my lovely boys, so if you want to keep up with the Davis family, be sure to follow me there.

I will leave this blog open for a while for those Pinterest links. Eventually I'll probably shift the "greatest hits" that I think are worthy over to the new blog (the Pioneer Trek Sharing Time always gets a ton of hits in July :) and I will eventually, slowly, make this one private and unreachable.

At The Mormon Home, I will be posting curated parties with a theme, Mormon printables, and quotes. I'm pushing myself to up my game regarding photography and original content. It feels good to stretch again, even though it's not totally honed just yet. The first party should be ready to post tomorrow: His Eye is on the Sparrow.

I have a notebook full of ideas and notes for the year ahead. And an exit strategy, if there is such a thing. I have a destination in mind. But. If the last three years have taught me nothing else (but they have! they have taught me so, so much) I have reluctantly learned that life doesn't usually turn out exactly how you expect. So I'll roll with this direction as long as it feels good.

I'd love your support and shout-outs at the new place in whatever form you'd feel comfortable sharing! New websites are a shaky thing and any happy comments or links will be treasured. Like gold. Or like the $20 you'd forgotten about in the left pocket of your jacket. Really a lot more like that. What am I going to do with gold?
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