Christmas Update

So here's a snapshot of our finished advent! We are 9 days in and it really has been a fun treat for all four of my boys. One thing I've noticed is that the small items they're opening are similar to what I would normally get to fill their stockings. So we'll be foregoing stockings this year. I think it's a good trade off.
Another thing that has been really useful: I wrote an initial of the child and the number of the day on each small gift. It's really helpful when the items get mixed up or mishandled.
I did something crazy with our tree this year: I sent Randy ALONE to choose it. I told him, "We've been married for 17 years. If you don't know what kind of tree I like by now..." He came home with a great tree, although I think it's about a foot too short (ha!). No worries. We set it on top of a box and wrapped the tree skirt around the bottom. Perfect.

Are you a real or artificial tree person? I could easily go artificial, but Randy remains a staunch real tree hold out. Are you getting seduced by the skinny Charlie Brown tree trend? I think they're elegant and modern looking, but I need lots of big branches to hold my sentimental mess of ornaments. I think we'll stick with the classics for a few more years to come.

Happy merry making!

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