Swiss Camper Special

New Engine Project is the “Swiss Camper Special”, the goal of this project is to build a TypIV Engine with a lot of torque and power and the full reliability to push a heavy Westfalia Camper.It`s no secret that I`m a fan of the TypIV engines.For m… Continua a leggere

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912 Engine Project Part 2

It takes some time to have all parts together for a nice build Porsche 912 Engine.
This engine will have it all…..
The 912 Crankshaft after polishing looks nice


the new lifter where checked for the cambered surface


Looks good!


The Lifters are all in tolerance but I like to pair it with the rigth lifter bore


New JE Pistons, 2g difference that`s too much for me.
I`m a little disappointed about that, because a high price piston like that should be better in tolerance.
Anyway I brought it to 0,2g ;-)   


AA Cylinder: Measuring the length, the Ø and out of round all where perfect :-)


Backlash and axial endplay of the Camshaft


Good fit of the Rods!


Dial in the WEBCAM Camshaft
The quality and finish of WEBCAM is very good


Just to compare:
 left 912 Pushrod
mittle JPS custom Pushrod for this engine
and the VW Typ1 stock


The weigth of 8 Stock 912 pushrods :-(
That`s too much in weigth and they where too long too!


Ah, 202g ligther than stock!!
JPS Aircooled Aluminium Pushrods for Porsche 912 Engine, you have the correct geometry with the rigth length and reduction in weigth too.
Win win!  


The combustion chamber after masching!
On Porsche 356 and 912 engines the combustion chamber are not equal you have to fix all


The 3. Piece in place with CSP Oilpumpcover

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912 Engine Project

When I first had a look on the engine compartment I think, wow, what a nice looking 912 engine .Everything was in good shape and dry. Rebuild 1000km ago!Fabian ( had to fix some tasks with the ignition and with the linkage o… Continua a leggere

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