August Upgrade Challenge

My summer has officially ended and we'll have students in classrooms by tomorrow, August 1. This month was my kitchen month, and while I posted some projects I've worked on over the past year, I really need a kick in the pants to reach the "finish line" and call this kitchen "fini." Then I saw Thrift Diving's 30-Day August Upgrade Challenge and found the push I wanted. If you need help focusing for one month on a problem-area, you can still join in on the fun until August 3. :)

My Four "Before August" Photos

These "Before August" photos show our kitchen mess first thing in the morning after a night-in celebrating our wedding anniversary. There's spilled cocoa powder from cookie preparation with our 4-year-old that we left there because we were planning to clean up after dinner, but that didn't happen. Of course.

I still love our entryway, but after living with our herringbone console table for a year, I've found that I often store recyclables on the bottom because it's close to the door. So, since the space has decided on its function for me, I'm giving in and building bins for recyclables for the console table. I'm also cleaning, at some point. Hah! :)

Eat-In Kitchen Upgrades

I'd like to make some modifications to our Squared2 Dining Table and Squared2 Dining Chairs. Paint might be involved if my husband can persuade me. :) Oh, I also plan to remove my "under the table" workshop stuff going on there. Must Stop Using Kitchen As Pop Up Workshop.

The Kitchen Cabinets & Windows

Need to finish valancing (not a word) the rest of the kitchen windows. Tutorial for that cheapness to come.
Need to finally install the last 3 drawers - I'm getting giddy just thinking of having 3 more drawers to fill use.
Need to finish tiling and grouting - I know...yup.

Need to transfer dishes from sink into dishwasher - "It's just so far away," she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
Need to make drawer organizers and cabinet pull out trays - Ooh, the giddiness returns!

Do you have a space that's close to finished, and you need some focus to tackle it?
Or are you tired of another space of your home, no matter the size, that you'd like to change now? Or, or... are you joining the August Upgrade wonderfulness too? :) I'd love to hear all about it!

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