An Advent for the Grandparents

This year my Mom's family held a week-long reunion. My step-dad takes lots of great pictures and the rest of us snap pictures of the kids and cousins all week long. This year they had the brilliant idea to gather all these reunion photos and burn them onto one disc! It's really fun to have all of those great pictures to show the kids, to scrapbook, and for other fun craft projects...

For Christmas I knew I wanted to make my Mom some kind of ornament with all of those awesome photos. First I checked out all the small frame ornaments. They were a little bit pricey, but more importantly, they weren't very charming. Just very traditional and a little boring.
This was the first one they opened for December 1!
Then I remembered the small canvases I bought a few years ago (!) with the intention of using them for another project (the "Small and Simple" YW party--they are tiny canvases, about 2 inches square to about 3 inches square). I thought this Modge Podge photo transfer product could make some super cute ornaments! I tried it, but I didn't like the way the images transferred. They were a little faded and not as crisp as I needed for photos that are so small.

But I was already on a Modge Podge kick and slathering those little canvases with regular old Modge Podge was perfect. I layered the little canvases with Christmas scrapbook paper and knick knacks, using the photos from our reunion as a resource. I printed photos that I liked and then photocopied them using my printer/copy/scan machine. The fact that all the photos are black and white adds consistency that is important.
Then I started doing the math on how many photos I wanted to finish for my Mom. I was getting close to 20, so I started thinking I should just go distance and make 25 and turn the whole thing into an advent! I sent them a box full of ornaments to begin opening on December 1. This is the kind of activity my Mom likes: lots of small surprises.
Apparently the advent is my thing this Christmas. But this is the kind of gift that would also be great for a "Twelve Days of Christmas" if you want to try to pull it together in the next few weeks :)

Merry Christmas!
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