UNIDEC was established in year 2008. Our company located in Johor, Malaysia.
We primary manufactures of laminated flooring accessories, decorative strip, furniture part, etc. Our major key substrates are aluminium, PVC and WPC (agriculture fiber plastic composite). By using Spain’s technology with profile wrapping machine, UNIDEC produces the best combination of the product to you. The founder of UNIDEC was experience more than twenty years in wood industry. In recent seven years, concentred in aluminium, PVC and WPC in profile wrapping technology. The significant achievements that UNIDEC was successfully to laminated CPL (continuous postforming laminates) with European Standard AC 3 on top of aluminium, PVC and WPC profiles. This will make replace laminated flooring accessories that without AC 3 standard in the market, now.
We are full of confidence that our product, quality, lead-time meet your target.
We serve your requirement and offer you more functional reliable products.

友 利 得 饰 材 有 限 公 司 "顾及需求, 延续资源"