A New Entrance to the Backyard

We have recently redone both sides of the backyard.  Last week I showed the arbor we put in HERE.  This project is where we added a path, DIY curbing and a new planter.  Now we have the entrance to the backyard that we always wanted!
Here it is in March. 

After we added the arbor, we tore out about a third of the grass.

I wanted to keep the grass here so I could get the mower to the backyard.  Well, setting pavers is a lot of work.  Setting pavers in cutouts of grass is a TON of work!!  My back and hips are just now getting back to feeling normal...

We added the forms to make our own curbing.  I called around and the minimum charge for curbing was $275.  Since we only needed 20 feet, we decided it wouldn't be worth almost $15 a foot to have someone come out.  Instead, we bought boards and concrete mix and did it ourselves for $24.  And I think it looks just like the professional curbing!

We left the forms on for 24 hours.

We then added a couple of new sprinklers to the planter.


And lots of flowers--Rose of Sharon, Peony (already blooming!), Cosmos, Daisies, Lamb's Ear, etc. and of course a birdhouse!
It shouldn't take too long for the grass seed to fill in the empty spaces. 
Thanks for your visit!


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