A Great Breakthrough

This week we’ll start with something other than glass… but it was something many people in the glass and glazing industry really got behind and supported, so you all deserve a pat on the back.  What I am talking about was the news that the money raised from the Ice Bucket Challenge that took place two years ago led to a major breakthrough in the research of the ALS disease.  The money raised during that time… a staggering 220 million… funded the biggest study ever and during that study researchers identified a gene that they had not previously and has given them a jump start on cure and therapy.  Obviously a long way to go on this one, but positive news and something that so many of us can say we had a part in.  The Ice Bucket Challenge really was like no other event I can remember in bringing people together and also allowing them to have their moment of fun for all to see.  All while raising money and now succeeding in helping fight this disease.  So to all of you out there who read this and did it- congrats and thank you!


--  The latest edition of Glass Magazine is out and as always some “must see” items are in there.  First and foremost it’s the 2016 Glass Magazine Awards issue- so surely worth checking out the best of the best and those who were talented enough to win the most prestigious recognition our industry has.  The main takeaway from this award issue is that we have great companies, who innovate at so many levels.  This is one surely to be proud of.

--  Also catch the continuation of the “succession” series and a nice piece on the class act Mammen family as they take a new step with their company. 

--  The ad of the month?  Security Lock Distributors wins it with the “Technical Assistance” play.  The ad was smart and bold and made me stop and read.  I don’t know this company well at all, so it shows the ad was effective in catching my eye.  So whoever there worked on this one- congrats on a job well done!

--  One of the award winners in the magazine was the new Minnesota Vikings stadium that opens this month.  This week I ran across an article that I thought did a good job of running down the timeline of the building of this structure and the various issues that ran into it.  Take a look and especially see the comment section as a local architect surely did not agree with the article… at all. 

--  For my Denver readers- I came across this piece breaking down the redevelopment of the old Stapleton airport area.  Sounds like things are progressing.  So does Denver have the roadmap for other municipalities to follow in the future?  I guess only time will tell but nice to see the moves to redevelop the area are in motion.  Especially since I currently live in an area (Metro Detroit) that has struggled mightily to do the same.

--  Last this week… Normally this sort of story would go in my “Links” section but I had to put here because it’s just too hard to believe.  Used cooking oil is a hot resource in Chicago.  I’m floored by this one. 


--  Last week we had the cheerleader threatening to sue after not making the team.  This week, it’s worse- a teacher who can’t speak Spanish suing because school won’t let her teach Spanish…

--  I don’t understand the whole “Pokemon” craze but I do love Police are using to catch criminals now!

--  Going to share this one with my kids… the use of the word “fair”


The big news around my house is the reboot of the “Gilmore Girls” series on NetFlix.  Which means two things…1- I have to get NetFlix… and 2- I won’t see my wife or daughter for as long as this series is on as they are addicted to it.