A Cute New Little Ladder and a Scale!

I found this little ladder at a garage sale for $3.  I certainly couldn't pass it up!  :)

I painted it a mint green, sanded the edges, put it on the porch and put a special birdhouse on it. 

When my Mom was sick several years ago, there was a guy selling birdhouses from his front yard.  Trips back and forth to the hospital had us going by that yard many times.  Well, we finally stopped and found out that if you were to take one, you'd just leave the money under the mat.  I love small towns!  :)  So, this one has weathered a lot of weather and brings a smile to my face when I come to the front door and see it. 
I found this scale on Craigslist.  I saw it for a few weeks, but it was listed for more than I wanted to spend.  Lucky for me, he dropped the price to an acceptable amount to me and I bought it. 

My husband took it apart, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned it, then painted it.  I'm very happy with it!


Tomorrow brings another garage sale Saturday.  :)  I'll be ready to find more treasures!
What fun things have you found lately?
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