Prime 1 Studio "Batman: Arkham Knight" Batman Flashpoint Version 33 inches tall statue preorder


“I’m not the hero of this story. I’m a man who’s been corrupted by his own unbearable pain. I’m a man who has too much blood on his hands to be called good. I’m a man who had nothing to live for–until the day I met the Flash.”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present the Batman: Flashpoint Version from Batman: Arkham Knight. The Flashpoint costume is a reference to the Flashpoint series of comics where Thomas Wayne has taken on the mantle of Batman, instead of Bruce (and is a much more ruthless Batman to boot). This version is the first costume available to those who purchase the Batman: Arkham Knight Game Season Pass DLC.

Batman Flashpoint Version Statue features: interchangeable left arm holding a pistol, interchangeable right arm holding a pistol, interchangeable right arm holding the sword, interchangeable left fist, interchangeable left-hand empty holster, interchangeable right-hand empty holster, interchangeable left-hand pistol holster, interchangeable right-hand pistol holster, alternate Regular Portrait, alternate Exclusive Portrait. Size: approximately 33 inches tall


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Acciai Speciali Cogne – Steel Mill "Acciai Speciali Cogne"

Since long time, I planned to work on a very big industry on Cretaz Railway, the huge steel mill named after Acciai Speciali Cogne prototype located ad Aosta, main town in Valle d’Aosta region.
I did not have clear idea about how to made it, until I came through Bernard Kempinski’s modeller guidebook “Stell Mills”, in 2010.
I then understand better how a steel mill works and I start planning the future layout.
I wanted to meet two specifications:
1) Simplified, realistic steel manufacturing process, from iron ore to final product
2) Track layout for maximum operation “pleasure”
Here below the layout sketch
Era da tanto tempo che volevo iniziare i lavori, ma ero sempre un po’ timoroso, non avevo le idee ben chiare. Poi mi sono letto un paio di libri sul tema, e ho pian piano chiarito ogni dubbio. Nella progettazione, due erano i punti fondamentali:
1) La riproduzione (semplificata) di tutte le fasi di produzione dell’acciaio
2) La massima giocabilità (= massimo divertimento) nell’esercizio ferroviario
Ne è scaturito il tracciato qui sotto rappresentato

I‘m not very good at building manufacturing, so I bought a lot of Walthers kit as base for kitbashing, according to the available space.
Just few buildings, not included in the kits, have been made by myself with styrene strips and scrap cardboards.
Follow few pictures of work in progress.
Non volendo impelagarmi troppo nell’autocostruzione degli edifici, ho acquistato diversi kit Walthers che sono stati successivamente rimaneggiati a seconda dello spazio a disposizione. Alcune strutture, non presenti nei kit, sono state da me costruite integralmente, utilizzando profilati e pannelli di plasticard, cartone ondulato e Carton Plume®.
Qui di seguito alcune immagini scattate durante i lavori.
Coke works and blast furnace areas
La zona di trasformazione del carbone in coke e l’area dove sorgerà la fornace
Rolling mills and basic oxygene furnace, as background
Laminatoio ed acciaieria, edifici di spessore ridotto che saranno addossati allo sfondo
Electric arc furnace
La fornace ad arco elettrico

Iron ore and limestone yard
La realizzazione del deposito materie prime


An hoist house has been scratchbuilt with sheet styrene and strips
Per comandare i movimenti dei due carrellini che riforniscono l’altoforno di materia prima, ho costruito una semplice cabina di comando sopraelevata


After painting and the first ground layer
Dopo la verniciatura e l’aggiunta del primo strato di terreno


Overall view
Vista d’insieme

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Top 50 PowerShell Blogs

I just got e-mail that this blog has been included in the Feedspot.Com’s Top 50 PowerShell Blogs list. You can see this list over at

I started this blog in 2003 – and first blogged about PowerShell (wel… Continua a leggere

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My Next PowerShell Book

I’m working on a new PowerShell book. The book’s title is Windows Server 2016 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook (ISBN: 978-1-78712-204-8).  The focus of the book is showing how to manage key Windows Server 2016 features using the latest versions of PowerShell. For each area covered, I show how to do things using Powershell, in the form of recipes. The intention is to both teach a bit about the feature itself, and show you how to manage the feature using built-in and add-on modules.
In a few cases, there is no built-in way to perform some operation using PowerShell. My favourite example is that the Printing cmdlets provide no way to create a printer pool, but you can in the UI. In that case, and others, the book shows useful Win32 console applications. In the case of printer pools, we show how to use PrintUI.DLL and RunDll32.EXE to set up a printer pool. IT pros can’t yet do everything with PowerShell, out of the box – but in many cases, that’s just not a problem.
The book has 13 chapters, as follows:
  • What’s New in PowerShell
  • Implementing NanoServer
  • Managing Windows Updates
  • Managing Printers
  • Managing Server Backup
  • Managing Performance
  • Troubleshooting Servers
  • Managing Windows Network Services
  • Managing Network Shares
  • Managing IIS
  • Managing Hyper-V
  • Managing Azure
  • Using Desired State Configuration
At the time of this post, I’m nearly done the drafting of the book’s contents, and entering into the slow, tedious, and boring part: the editing and final proofing. It may be slow, tedious, and boring, but it’s very important, as any writer knows.
There were several hiccoughs with the writing, but it’s looking now like this book will be published in the autumn. As soon as I have a more definitive date, I’ll post it.

Publication should be early October. Sadly, my planned co-author had to drop out of the writing due to personal commitments. Additionally, I had to scale back a bit on the contents. The original plan was to write 450 pages. The book ended up something like 650!

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ToyHaven in the news :) Grateful and honored to be featured in a magazine with other collectors

I am both grateful and honored to be featured in a magazine along with other collectors :) In the latest issue of “Little”, a quarterly family lifestyle magazine dedicated for parents with children age 3 to 12 years old, the publisher has chosen to feature collectors of all kinds: six personas and their prized collections. It’s especially nice since this magazine feature will show my new home and the updated toy / action figure collection since the last feature a while back – check out the earlier coverage HERE and HERE.

I was approached some time back and the shoot was actually done in March but the magazine is only out now. We all understand schedules and how the whole publishing process works but I was quite eager to see how the picture turned out. Unfortunately, they couldn’t cover the entire collection in one picture as I have a customised 98.5″ L x 84″ H x 19.25″ D (2500mm L x 2134mm H x 495mm D) full glass display shelf which is not shown. The customised full glass display contains most of my Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6th scale figures plus other miscellaneous action figures (you can see the pictures posted HERE). For more details of the interview and other collectors showcased, read on or scroll down to see them :)

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

The write-up: ALEX TEO – years of collection: 23; collection: action figures

“I enjoy what I collect and I don’t live life with regrets.”

To collect movie action figures is to revisit a film each time you see the figure. With more than 15 display cabinets full of rigorously categorised action figures – well, one could have a ball re-enacting favourite fight scenes with them.

Alex, who is a graphic designer, is passionate about his ever-growing collection. “I think George Lucas (creator of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises) has something to do with that. The success of Star Wars in 1977 led to the sudden demand for movie-related merchandise. You can have your own little Hollywood right in your home.”

Before Alex started collecting action figures, he collected stamps, model kits and then comic books. Asked if he were to do it all over again, he grins, “I’ll probably do the same thing.” Action Figures have become so much a part of him that he cannot imagine starting to collect anything else. “Just enjoy what you collect. Start small so that if you loose interest, it’s easier to stop and move on to something else.” That is surely astute advice for rookie collectors.

“I remember playing with a Six Million Dollar Man figure when I was a kid – it was a gift from my parents.” It was 1994 when Alex started collecting in ernest, and that figure was one of the first he actively searched for because it reminded him of his childhood. Growing up, he remembers being surrounded by comic books. When the comic book heroes took on a three-dimensional form, he just had to get his hands on them. Waxing lyrical about a Superman figure in the hyper realistic likeness of Christopher Reeve, Alex reflects thoughtfully, “I don’t have a favourite figure because they are all part of the whole. If I could just pick one, then I wouldn’t be collecting so many different figures as I would be satisfied with just the one.”

He has a new favourite every time a new movie is released: current must-haves include the Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange figure, and Donnie Yen Chirrut Îmwe figure from Rogue One. “I always try to correct anyone who says I collect toys because what I collect are actually collectibles,” Alex is quick to point out, “The figures I collect cannot be found in departmental stores; they are only available at specialty toy shops, and are sold to serious collectors.” He gets his figures mostly from The Falcon’s Hangar located at Blk 261 Waterloo Street, #01-27 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261. (I usually pre-order the figures via their website –

It must be a challenge to keep track of so many action figures. Alex smiles, “Yes, there’s a method to the madness. I organise the figures by genre: action, sci-fi, military, etc., and sometimes even by actor.” It helps that they are displayed inside glass cabinets to keep out dust.

Alex’s blog about action figure collecting ( has made him many friends over the years – both locally and abroad. It’s also an avenue that gets him invited to media previews and product launches such as the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC), and also a chance to get to see Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dave Bautista and Zoe Saldana up close.

With 2 grown sons at 23 and 19, has Alex given any thought to whom he might bequeath his collection? “Only if they want them,” Alex is nonchalant but he smiles, “At this point in time, they have no interest but you never know. I didn’t start collecting toys as a hobby until I was 29 years old.”

Surely after all these years, the thrill of unboxing yet another new action figure has become slightly muted? Alex demurs, “I appreciate the art that went into producing the figure, the attention to details and the realistic sculpting and painting of the heads to resemble an actual person.” Clearly, the amount of effort put in by movie designers and producers is not lost on Alex, “some of the details are not noticeable when you watch the movie until you have the figure in hand.”

Alex is indeed a testament to the importance of living in the present – he is happy with his collection, has no regrets as to figures he does not have, and looks forward to adding new favourites to his growing stash.

This is a photo from another angle showing both displays :)

The other collectors featured include: Elliot Danker, TV host and Sports Presenter for One FM 91.3′s #1 Breakfast Show (see pic below and write-up after).

Also featured: Jian Yang, doll collector for 33 years (pic below, write-up after)

The other three not featured here do not collect action figures or dolls but sneakers, shoes and playing cards. If you want to read about them, you’ll have to go buy the magazine ;p

Quote from Kenneth Tan, publisher and creative director of “little”:
Everyone collects something in their lifetime. It could be stamps, the usual hobby of people of an earlier generation; currency from different countries for the more invested people; cute stickers for young children; celebrity paraphernalia for fans; specialty items that a discerning few relate to; or some specific item that only the individual sees value in. Others might call that a fetish, but it holds an intrinsic meaning for that person.

People collect to preserve memories or to leave behind as a legacy for loved ones. When we lose that sense of self, that is when the collection becomes a monster and reflects the real emptiness within.

In this Collector’s Edition, we share with you some of the well-meaning kind of collections – the ones that allow a person to be who they are without over-indulging or over-compensating: the ones that share with other people around them the meaning of the dreams these items hold for them.

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Building the Image

As many in our industry gathered in Orlando for the AIA show my thoughts wandered over to a subject that I have covered a few times here- the seemingly age old question of how to attract more people to our industry.  It frustrates me to no end that young people would rather have a dead end job in a gigantic company than an opportunity to learn and grow in an industry that would truly embrace them.  Evidently we are not alone in dealing with this issue as the US Chamber of Commerce is touring the country and having “listening” sessions with different business leaders to get ideas on how to make skilled trades and the less popular industry segments one that can attract the work force they need to survive and thrive.  Ideas that have come from some of these sessions include promotional campaigns from an industry standpoint and public demonstrations (at malls and other busy retail areas) of what the industries are about.  So two things to consider here… 1- We as an industry need to come together and build a campaign to promote ourselves and all the good that we do.  Hopefully the talks with NGA and GANA lead to an agreement because one strong voice there would surely help.  2- Other industries are stepping up, so not only will we be competing with the “sexy” businesses but also other trades similar to ours.  I will be curious what the US Chamber reports back when their tour is done and if anything of relevance comes out I’ll surely break it out here.   In the meantime, we need to consider the situation and be prepared to do what we can to attract the next generation of people to us.


–  The AIA show… I’ll have some more thoughts on next post as with when I am writing this I have not gotten a lot of feedback in yet.  It looked busy and loud (Guardian did a great periscope of a presentation but the music from a booth nearby was blaring) I will note it is always interesting to see which glass and glazing companies exhibit there.  Some make sense and quite frankly some do not.  But the dogged desire to get to see a real, live, breathing, architect in the flesh for 12 seconds can be pretty tough to pass up….ha ha.

–  The latest Glass Magazine review…this is the issue that has the guide to specifications that I mentioned last week.  That is outstanding.  Some other pieces to surely read.  Good reminder/best practices article from Marco Terry on “Seven Tricks to Improve Cash Flow.”  I am a fan of Pete de Gorter and he has a very level headed look at steps to take when buying equipment.  I think that is very relevant since it feels like everyone in the industry right now is looking or buying some sort of equipment.  And as always whenever Joe Schiavone of CRL writes, I’m reading it- this issue he broke down the Florida Building Code and Impact products.  So there’s all of that and much more… check it out!

–  Best ad of the month was a tough one… but I am going with Sage Glass as I thought they took an interesting approach with their ad.  Usually the dynamic guys focus on the product and what it does, but this ad was about the installation.  Different focus and it made me stop and read.  Kudos to the gang there!

–  Last this week…. The news that ESPN was letting go more than 100 people was all over social media during the week.  There were many theories on ESPN making major cuts but the biggest one that people rarely mentioned was that network got too fat.  Too many people, too many ventures, the focus was all over the place.  We see it in our industry all the time, when times are good people sometime expand for expansion sake and not with a plan.  We should always be challenging everything we do and if we diversify its with a plan and approach in mind.  I think that’s where ESPN lost its way and quite frankly they may still have more cutting to go…


Searching for a hermit. Seriously.  They exist I guess.
Nice story- hopefully this young man continues to prove the doubters wrong!
Fun one- mascot comes through in the clutch!

One in a million sort of shot here… puck goes through the slight opening in the glass!

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LEO Toys 1/6th scale Hong Kong Airport Security Unit (ASU) 1.0 Training Version 12-inch figure

The Airport Security Unit (Abbreviation: ASU; Chinese: 機場特警組) formed in 1977 as Special Action Squad, is a special force of the Hong Kong Police Force tasked with the security of the Hong Kong International Airport. ASU is responsible for airport security, primarily targeting terrorist situations such as aircraft hijacking, but in urgent situations, is used as a backup force for situations outside of the airport. ASU officers can be identified by their distinctive deep blue uniform and are armed with sub machine guns (SMGs) as well as semi-automatic pistols. Compared to other units, the Airport Security Unit rarely appeared in the mass media, and there has yet to be any movie or television dedicated to them. However, the Unit was featured occasionally as part of films typically of the cantonese-action genre.

Looks like the Hong Kong Airport Security Unit (ASU) is getting some 1/6th scale attention lately, this being the second 12-inch ASU figure to be offered. The Soldier Story Hobby Expo China 2017 Exclusive 1/6th scale HONG KONG ASU 12-inch figure was previewed earlier on my toy blog HERE.

This LEO Toys 1/6th scale Hong Kong Airport Security Unit (ASU) 1.0 Training Version will come with Custom made Body, Hand with Tactical gloves x3, PROPPER TAC.U Coat (LAPD Navy), PROPPER TAC.U Pant (LAPD Navy), Arm patch (flag, badge), Danner DFA 8” GTX Tactical boots. Gear: Ballistic helmet, Blue Helmet cover, ESS Goggles, Bullet-resistant vest, Tactical belt, SUREFIRE V70 Flashlight holsters (Polymer SpeedHolster), Side-break scabbard, Hook, Waist bag, Waist bag with handcuff pouch, Radio pouch, Radio push-to-talk button with headset, 6004 Tactical holster (With OC pouch & multi-tool sheath), MP5 & pistol magazine leg pouch, Advanced tactical knee pads x2

Scroll down to the rest of the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better view.

Weapons: MP5A3 with: Low mount, Red dot Reflexible Sight, FAB DEFENSE MP5-RS Tri-rail Handguard System, Tactical flashlight, FAB TAL-4 Tactical Vertical Foregrip, H&K 3-Point Factory Sling. G17 with flashlight

Also included: Bullet resistant shield with tactical flashlight (With battery), Baton, OC foam, Handcuffs, SMG magazine x3, Pistol magazine x3, Multi-tool, Flashlight, Radio MOTOROLA MTP850

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