Comparison pictures of VTS The Revenger 12-inch figure with Art Figures: SAVES "Punisher"

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When the Art-Figures: SAVES “Punisher: War Zone” 1/6 scale Figure was first released, the quality caught a lot of people by surprise and many were left scrambling to get their hands on the 12-inch Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle the Punisher figure. Unfortunately, because the figure was produced based on pre-order numbers and not many people gave a thought of pre-ordering it, the production number was small and supply was limited when it came out. Thus the secondary market price of the Art-Figures: SAVES “Punisher: War Zone” figure began to rise very quickly and it became a holy grail for many collectors.

Fast forward to the present and DAM Toys (under their other brand name VTS for Virtual ToyS) just released their version of the 1/6 scale Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle the Punisher figure from the 2008 “Punisher: War Zone” movie and BAM! they certainly knocked this one out of the ballpark. This recently released VTS The Revenger figure is way better than the previously released and highly sought after Art Figures SAVES Punisher figure but hey, that’s just my humble opinion.

What better way to bring a point across than to show pictures of both VTS The Revenger 12-inch figure with Art Figures: SAVES “Punisher” figure standing side-by-side and let you see and decide for yourself how different each figure is and which one is better. By the way, from what I hear, VTS The Revenger figure is already selling fast and some shops are already sold out of this figure so don’t wait too long to get yours. Scroll down to see all the pictures. Click on them for bigger and better views (especially the landscape oriented ones). Enjoy!

In the pictures below, Art Figures: SAVES “Punisher War Zone” 12-inch figure is on the left and VTS 1/6 scale The REvenger figure is on the right.
As I’ve mentioned before, VTS The Revenger 12-inch figure has all the movie accurate 1/6 scale weapons which is a big plus and the quality is really good too.
Click on the pictures for bigger and better views. You can see how the same set-up can be done so differently and I’m certainly liking the newer version by VTS a lot. The sentimental me still will not let go of the Art Figures SAVES figure either haha they look great together

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Updated Lync 2013 Client for Windows Phone

I was somewhat (pleasantly) surprised to see on my Windows Phone that there was an updated Lync 2013 client. The client does not change much, but there are two nice new features added. One nice new feature is the ability to view a PowerPoint presentation during a Lync meeting. The update also enables you to use your voice to control Lync 2012 client.

For me, the ability to see a PowerPoint presentation on my phone is of pretty minimal value. That’s mainly for two reasons: first my phone (I have a Nokia 820) is just too small to do much more than listen to the audio. I’d rather be somewhere that I can watch the presentation on a decent screen (i.e. my laptop or desktop). But having said that, it would make great sense on a larger form factor device (phablet’s here we come). So while I won’t be using this feature much, I am sure glad I can!

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Scale a giorno in cristallo

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Una delle soluzioni più interessanti per quanto riguarda le scale a giorno è l’impiego del cristallo sia per i gradini che per la ringhiera.

E’ una soluzione che prevede l’impiego di cristallo strutturale da 32 mm Continua a leggere

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SIP Trunking with Lync

I’m not alone in talking about SIP Trunking and SIP Trunking providers, as it turns out. SIP Trunks, as I discussed in this blog post, can provide a lot of benefits, not the least of which is cost reduction. The more you look at Sip Trunk Providers, though, the more you realise that not all providers are equal.

Microsoft has done a good job in qualifying Sip Trunk Providers and publishes a list of such providers at: This page lists the various qualified carriers and their service name. By ‘qualified’, each of the listed providers has been independently reviewed and their product is seen to support all the necessary Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program  (UCOIP) requirements. You can read more about these requirements here.

In his blog, Jonathan Steeman looks at some of the differences between SIP providers in terms of the functions and features they provide. The more I read this post, the more it is clear that there really is a great deal of difference between the qualified trunk providers. If you are considering a SIP trunk, then you should take a close look at this blog entry and work out which of the mentioned features are important to you.

I’d love to hear of any experiences, good or bad, you are having with any of these named providers.

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