Incoming: OE (Original Effect) Army Attractive Vol.6: 1/6 scale (?) Clarinet Female Action Figure

I really don’t know what to make of OE’s (Original Effect) Army Attractive series of 1/6 scale female figures. They are not your usual fare / content and can only appeal to a certain group of collectors (of the erotica kind?), of which I can honestly say I don’t belong although I did get the very first OE Army Attractive female figure which was Viola. The reasons I got Viola was because I liked her head sculpt (they are all more stylized and anime than realistic / life-like) and the fact that she was “WWII-related” in a strange kind of way. You can check out my reviews HERE and HERE with comparison pictures of Viola and Hot Toys “The Spirit” Silken Floss 12-inch female figure in the second part review.

OE’s (Original Effect) Army Attractive series of 1/6 scale female figures are 13.5 inches tall and not 12-inch in height which would have been correct in scale. This makes them in a league of their own and would be hard to fit them in with other 12-inch figures. I had a lot of issues with their Viola figure because of the poor quality of the body but apparently OE has identified the problem / listened to customer’s feedback and produced a newer better body which OE is calling the REBORN body (see my post HERE on how the new body looks like without clothes)

Needless to say, there must be enough demand for OE’s Army Attractive female figures for the company to go ahead and produce so many versions of these gals, with this latest preview of “Clarinet” being their number sixth figure. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

OE (Original Effect) Army Attractive Vol.6: 1/6 scale Clarinet Female Action Figure will come with the following: 1/6 scale Clarinet head sculpt, Clarinet’s cloth outfit (which looks like a weird variation of a nun’s costume), Reborn body (with hand, feet in high heels) and a mini bible. There’s also a 5% special rare Red Clarinet randomly included in the shipment (scroll down for the last picture to see how the red version will look like).

Clarinet has a sad tortured look. I don’t agree with the idea of giving her a nun’s outfit and a bible when she is for the most part an erotica figure. I know this concept isn’t new: think “Warrior Nun Areala”, a manga-style American comic book character created by Ben Dunn and published by Antarctic Press AND “Shotgun Mary”.

For those who are into Erotica (from the Greek ἔρως, eros “desire” – any artistic work that deals substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing subject matter), this would probably be right up their alley. It seems like there’s a toy / figure for every kind of collector there is haha

It just goes to show how much the toy / 1:6 scale action figure industry has grown. I am quite sure that when Mattel first released Barbie dolls for girls and Hasbro released G.I. Joe action figures for boys, they never imagined that erotica figures like these would be made so readily available in the open market today.

On a side note, figures with stylized head sculpts do not have to worry much about copyright infringements and legal issues unlike the figures with much more realistic head sculpts. Case-in-point: Phicen Limited has had to blur / block out the head sculpt of their PLMB2013-17 1/6 scale Female seamless Tan body (with Mid bust size)(Version 04) because the Chinese actress whose face was used as a likeness has started taking legal action on the company in question ;p To find out what I’m talking about, check out my earlier post HERE where this figure was previewed

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Foto consigli: Poltrona, qual è il tuo posto??

Ho una casa nuova, pezzo per pezzo, piano piano, inizio ad arredarla come noi realmente volevamo la casa, o forse è meglio che parli per me, visto che molte mie idee il marito le boccia ma io le faccio ugualmente? Comunque, quando tre anni fa abbiamo iniziato a convivere abbiamo preso i mobili moderni tutto d’impulso, per la fretta, per le promozioni che vi erano allora e per tanti altri fattori, ma ora, nella nuova casa vorremmo mischiare lo stile moderno al mio tanto amato brocante e shabby chic. Cerco una vecchia poltrona da tanto tanto tempo, ma per ora tutte quelle che ho visto non mi hanno mai entusiasmato come io vorrei! Fosse per me la cercherei con la paglia che esce fuori, magari con la pittura che è saltata in alcuni punti, ma devo sempre tener conto del pensiero dell’uomo di casa.. Già ho portato a casa una vecchia sedia imbottita esattamente in quello stile e ancora un po gli veniva il tetano solo alla vista, a detta sua.. a detta mia, bhè.. abbiamo gusti d’arredamento molto diversi.. ma siamo quasi sempre d’accordo sulle scelte che facciamo.. e comunque, dicevo.. vorrei una poltrona, una si quelle vecchie, enormi, che ti ci puoi sedere e quasi sprofondare tanto è grande, da mettere magari nell’angolo lettura vicino alla libreria.. sarebbe un incanto.. e voi?? Ne avete una? Le state cercando ancora il posto giusto?? Ve li do io i consigli, o per meglio dire, foto consigli..

Che altro dire?? Non sono una più bella dell’altra??.. Sono foto che parlano, che vi consigliano, che vi mostrano quali sono i posti migliori per rendere giustizia alla vostra poltrona! Continuerò la mia ricerca!! E un giorno, sono certa che la troverò!!. E voi? In casa ne avete qualcuna? Dove l’avete messa?? Tutte le immagini qui selezionate sono state prese da pinterest digitando “armchair shabby chic, o brocante o french chic”.. Spero che queste immagini, senza parole vi siano piaciute!! A lunedì prossimo, con altri consigli, pardon Foto consigli!! Kiss Kiss Continua a leggere

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Preview DAM Toys 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom Spade 4 "Chad" 12-inch Figure (Colin Farrell?)

“Four of Spades” Chad has been a part of the gang for many years; rumor has it that he is ruthless and bold in his early years. He is loyal to the gang and earned the trust he deserved, but he becomes cautious since his son was born. Chad wants to be a good dad, he loves his son and has great expectations in him. He wants to save enough money to send his son to a good university, and keeps his son away from his life path. His heart is filled with contradictions, and he becomes more and more gloomy.

DAM Toys keeps pumping out all the good stuff :) This particular “Gangsters Kingdom” 1/6 scale series by DAM Toys is really growing on me and might even be one of my favorites. It doesn’t have the usual military or movie themes yet offers a very refreshing take on 12-inch figures wearing normal / ordinary everyday clothes coupled with very unique head sculpts and hands. This makes it the fourth figure in the series and every figure has its plus points and when put together, the gang looks most impressive. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures of DAM Toys 1/6 scale Gangsters Kingdom Spade 4 12-inch Figure.

DAM Toys (GK004#) 1/6 scale Gangster’s Kingdom Spade 4 12-inch Figure will come with 1/6 scale Head sculpt (Colin Farrell?), 12-inch Action body, Stocking mask, A half sleeve T-shirt, Plaid shirt, Thick motorcycle leather jacket, Black jeans, Cowboy boots (one pair), Ak47 (A cartridge), Two packs + AK double magazine, M1911 pistol, belt, Black Duffle Bag, Belt left half finger gloves, Dermal sheath + Tactical knife, Silver necklace, Dark glasses, Palm (3) three pieces.

Van pulls over near the abandoned factory. Chad opens a black gym bag and takes out a folding stock AK-47. He loads a dual magazine and cocks the bolt, kisses his cross necklace, draws a cross at his chest and then walks down the van. Others follow him, having their guns loaded. Bernie and the others pull up their ski mask, but Chad only puts on his sun glass and jokes: “dead people don’t need to remember our face.”

It would seem that the designers from DAM Toys have a thing for non-American actors since all four figures so far have faces / head sculpts resembling those of British / Irish actors (even one Manchester United footballer)

I certainly am not complaining as long as they keep them coming. The most common deck of fifty-two playing cards in use today, usually known as the French deck, includes thirteen ranks of each of the four French suits, clubs (♣), diamonds (♦), hearts (♥) and spades (♠). So far we have seen four from Spade.

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Sulla Villa Abbiate il Comune non chiarisce nulla con l’assemblea pubblica

Sono passati solo tre giorni dall’assemblea pubblica organizzata dall’amministrazione per illustrare i "progetti" sulla Villa Abbiate e ci pare che molti lati della faccenda siano ancora poco chiari. Se, come si è dichiarato, si voleva fare chiarezza informando i Cittadini forse ci si doveva preparare meglio e soprattutto mettere tutte le carte sul tavolo. Non è un caso che i cardini su cui si Continua a leggere

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Trying to Believe

Each month the Architectural Billings Index comes out and I usually make a quick comment or two on it.  It’s been a tremendous struggle for me to trust the numbers, because forecasting in our industry is pretty much a disaster.  If you look at the various professional predictions over the last few years they have come up wrong, significantly wrong in some cases, so my confidence in relying on these efforts is not strong.  So that said, when this month’s ABI was released I was very excited but also wary because I just don’t want to get let down again.  The numbers coming from the ABI are showing that we are trending out of the malaise and challenged economy we have all been dealing with in some form or fashion over the last few years.  Combine that with an incredibly positive trade show performance at GlassBuild America as well as expanding employment numbers and we just may be on that right path again.


–  Props to AAMA for putting together a first class fall conference coming up later in October, specifically the scheduling of Dr. Karma Sawyer of the DOE to deliver the keynote speech.  I had the honor of meeting Dr. Sawyer once and she is sharp, focused, and professional.  I believe she has the ability to really benefit our industry and our world as a whole. 

–  And those who know me know that I am a huge believer in “karma” so it’s only natural I would be a fan of a person with that name. 

–  Nice work by Guardian on their joint white paper with the University of Michigan on the benefits of glass and daylighting.  Once again Chris Dolan and his team come through with a meaningful and significant effort.  Papers like that are crucial to our industry.

–  A favor to ask… former NGA VP David Walker is doing amazing things in his new life as CEO of the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes’ charity.  Recently he was nominated for a “Rare Life” honor in which his story and others are told and the public votes for a winner.  What David is doing is significant and a win in this contest would bring to tremendous benefit to the organization he now runs.  So please click the link, read about David and click to vote.  Thank you.
–  The Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs in baseball.  Been a long time coming for sure… first time since 1992.   My World Series picks though are Oakland out of the AL and the Dodgers from the NL with LA winning it all.  That pitching in LA will be hard to beat.  Oh and if you missed Mariano Rivera’s last Yankee Stadium appearance it’s my video of the week and it’s beautiful.

–  And while we’re talking sports… the NHL drops the puck formally this week too… my call for the finals there… Washington and LA with the Kings winning it.  Going to be a good year to be an LA fan.

–  Last this week… I noted that I’d be saying goodbye to my beloved blackberry next spring when my contract is up… well I may have to move that schedule up since a company I do work for switched their e-mail format to a platform that doesn’t support blackberry at all.  I guess the end really is near…


–  Serious drinking problem here.  Wow.
–  This sort of story doesn’t go away… now it’s the effect of “wi-fi” on your health.
As you know I love twitter but this article is so true… thanks to our current society (which lacks class and grace) it really can be a very angry medium.

The great closer Mariano Rivera is retiring after this year… and in his last game at Yankee Stadium, a couple of his long time teammates came out to get him from the mound.  Great, moving video. 

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Incontro su "Costituzione e legalità" organizzato dall’ANPI di Inveruno

Mercoledì 25 settembre si è tenuto, presso la biblioteca comunale di Inveruno,il primo di due incontri sul tema "Costituzione e legalità" tenuto da Alberto Nobili Procuratore Aggiunto presso la Procura di Milano ed esperto di lotta alla mafia ed alla criminalità organizzata. Il prossimo incontro ci sarà il 17 ottobre sempre nella stessa sede e con lo stesso orario e vedrò come protagonista Nando Continua a leggere

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