{Cosa fare con.. Vecchie teiere}

Lo ammetto, stavo proprio per non farla, stavo per scrive un post in cui vi dicevo che per un po mi avreste più vista, però ci sono.. un po di tempo lo dedico al post, alla ricerca di foto e a voi che mi seguite sempre.. Il matrimonio è sempre più vicino e ci sono sempre tante cose da fare, cose che dimentico, cose dell’ultimo minuto e inviti ancora da dare in giro.. Però oggi è lunedì, oggi c’è la rubrica, ed è un appuntamento che so che aspettate sempre con tanta attesa, e quindi chi sono io per deludervi??

Cosa fare con..
Vecchie teiere

Che siano in porcellana, in peltro, in argento, smaltate o altro, sò che almeno una l’avete in casa, e non dite di no, che inizio a frugare in ogni pensile della cucina e mobile in sala dove tenete il servizio buono..

Le idee in giro per il web son carine, la prima in assoluto, quella più trovata, 
è sicuramente l’idea di usare la teiera come porta fiori..

Magari messa in qualche angolo di casa, 
con qualche libro o un vecchio oggetto, per dare luce..

L’idea del centro tavola, poi, la adoro..
magari per qualche matrimonio..(giusto per restare in tema)

E i più creativi che ne creano punta spilli..??

E chi le usa come appendini??
Oppure come nido per gli uccellini?? *-*

E degli ingegnosi che ne fanno lampade??

O fontane??

O come divisore per i libri??
Anche se, dopo tutte queste idee, la mia resta sempre l’idea migliore, o almeno lo è per me..
versare il thè agli amici, da una bellissima teiera..
non è il massimo del suo utilizzo?? Non la pensate come me??
Che bella figura fa la padrona di casa con un bel servizio da thè e con una stupenda teiera??

Magari per un bel teaparty, come vanno tanto di moda adesso!!

E voi?? come la usate???
Spero che le mie idee vi siano piaciute..
A lunedì, con tanti altri spunti..
Tutte le foto presenti nel seguente post, sono state prese da pinterest.
Ringrazio i proprietari per averle condivise con noi.

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LL Textiles

Things have been busy with our fabric line, Lauren Liess Textiles.  I’ve been working on some new designs and I’ve also added some new colorways to the existing line.  I got them in on Friday and I’m so excited so I had to share with you!!!{S… Continua a leggere

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Incoming: Hot Toys MMS Diecast Series 1/6 scale War Machine Mark II Collectible Figure

Celebrating the launch of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 movie, Hot Toys is excited to present a new addition to the premium MMS Diecast Series – the Iron Man 3 1/6th scale War Machine Mark II Limited Edition Collectible Figurine.

Leading the MMS Diecast Series is the iconic Iron Man 3 Series, in which the collectible figures are made of diecast material, specially designed to look more closely to the realistic Iron Man characters in the movie. The MMS Diecast Series will take fans to the next level of authenticity, focusing on the materials, fine details and engineering of the Iron Man collectible figures, while some of the parts can be shared between our MMS and Diorama Series for displaying together in 1/6th scale. More collectibles from Iron Man 3 will be joining the the MMS Diecast Series in the future!

The War Machine Mark II Collectible Figurine is crafted with great details. It features a metallic black, light grey and silver armor, light-up functions and rotatable machine gun. It looks like April is ending with a BANG! First Armored Whiplash Mark II (see previous post) and now this. Scroll down to see more pictures.

The Hot Toys MMS Diecast Series 1/6th scale War Machine Mark II Limited Edition Collectible Figurine specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness as War Machine Mark II in the movie Iron Man 3 painted in metallic black, light grey and sliver color scheme. Helmeted head with light up function and Approximately 30 cm tall with Over 36 points of articulations. Contains diecast material with Metallic black, light grey and silver armor plus LED-lighted eyes and RT on chest (white light, battery operated). Three (3) pairs of interchangeable palms including: One (1) pair with improved articulations, movable fingers and light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated), One (1) pair of open palms with light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated) and One (1) pair of fists

Weapon: One (1) rotatable machine gun at the back

Accessory: LED light-up figure stand with War Machine Mark II nameplate and movie logo (white light, battery operated)

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Understanding the Codes

The International Code Council committee hearings have been going on for the last week and usually its pretty newsworthy.  The question though for me is… have the moves taking place this week been good or bad for our industry?  So far I honestly haven’t been able to ascertain exactly how we will end up after this latest cycle.  And reading various reports and e-mails from people at the hearings has me even more confused.  So I’ll sit on this one, get more clarity and report in the next week or two.  Needless to say it is VERY important that we ALL get a clear idea of what happened there because it WILL have an effect on our industry.


–  Good news/bad news on the latest Architectural Billings Index (ABI) as the number was down, but is still in the positive territory.  Now the key is to watch how this progresses but this gives us a flavor for next year, and the verdict about 2014 has been mixed lately, some expecting growth and others calling for a downturn.

–  I’m a little late on this one, but major congrats to PPG on their new online Education Center.  It’s a treasure trove of great info and the layout is spectacular.  Kudos to Rob Struble, Glenn Miner and the entire team that worked on it.  Well done!!
–  Speaking of education, the Glass Management Institute is now open for registration and I urge you to look at the link and consider taking the course.  Yes I am biased as I am teaching one of the courses, but I truly believe in this effort, and think the other courses and instructors are simply off the hook and worth your attention.  Check it out… and be prepared I’ll be pestering you more about it as we get closer!
–  Anyone have any clue what the whole “Google Glass” adventure is?  Not sure I want my website up in my eyes… what am I missing?

–  Last this week… Blackberry fans (like me) are becoming more and more rare but evidently the new phone (with the physical keyboard) that Blackberry is coming out with could give them momentum.  Last week it got a great review in the Wall Street Journal. I for one remain hopeful because I will stick with that brand til the end.   My fat little fingers need that keyboard!


–  Cool piece on using Twitter for the search.
–  Great story on Chinese reporter covering the Earthquake that interrupted her wedding.
–  Up here for the laughs…

Quick thinking TV weather person here when the automated camera goes haywire….

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Spring in the Front Yard and a Ramsign Giveaway!



A few weeks ago I removed a boxwood hedge that was blocking off an area by our front door.  Although they were healthy, they had gotten way too big and it was time for them to go!



Luckily, I have a friend who wanted them.  I was so glad.  They were huge and would be a nice addition to their yard.
So out with the old….


And in with new perennials and annuals.  And in with the Weeping Cherry (that was there all along) blooming like crazy!  :)
I am very excited to watch this area grow this summer. 
Now on to the Giveaway!

Ramsign has offered one of my readers one of their amazing enamel house number signs!  If you win, you’ll get your choice of one of their five signs with 1-5 numbers on it.
You must be a follower of my blog to enter. If you don’t have a blog, please put your email address in the comments so I can get in touch with you if you win.
You can get two entries.  Here’s how:
**Visit Ramsign’s Website and come back here and leave a comment as to which sign you would choose if you are the winner.
**For a second entry, LIKE Ramsign on Facebook and come back here and leave a second comment that you did.

That’s it!  GOOD LUCK!

HeatherF1 is the winner of the Ramsign Giveaway. Congratulations!

I will be choosing the winner via Random Number Generator on Friday, May 3, 2013.
Thank you for your visit!
I am linking to the following parties:



DIY Show Off

Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home
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